Chinese Brushwork Little Frog Gallery - Chinese prints, note cards, postcards by Charles Chu
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Original Paintings For Sale

Dolly Painting Dolly

Returning Swallows painting Returning Swallows

Red Cockaded Woodpecker painting Red Cockaded Woodpecker

Squirrels painting Squirrels

Roosters and Chicks painting Roosters and Chicks

Eagle painting Eagle

White Mountains painting White Mountains

Sunset From Our Window painting Sunset From Our window

Swan painting Swan

Plovers painting Plovers

Playful Squirrel painting Playful Squirrel

Turtles painting Turtles

Stonington Lobsters painting Stonington Lobsters

Autumn Lake painting Autumn Lake

Watkins Glen, NY painting Watkins Glen, NY

Glen Falls painting Glen Falls

Yellowstone National Park painting Yellowstone National Park

Lobsters and Martinis painting Lobsters and Martinis

Birds Sing Out painting Birds sing out

Rabbits painting Rabbits

Seagull painting Seagull

Elephant Garlic painting Elephant Garlic

East Rock painting East Rock

Dancing Cranes painting Dancing Cranes

Landscape painting Landscape

Swans in Autumn painting Swans in Autumn

Lake Scene painting Lake Scene

Bird in Bamboo painting Bird in Bamboo

Rooster painting Rooster

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