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The Aphorism Project

Warp and Weft

"Don't marry him if you can help it, but if you must, God bless you!"  That was the best advice we received before we were married and we have sometimes passed it along.

Friends were concerned about the conspicuous differences in racial and cultural background.  What they did not know was that those differences paled beside the contrasts in our beings.  Charles has sensory antennae which see details and images not visible to Bettie.  Bettie makes meaning out of cloth not visible to anyone else at all!

Our adventure has been exciting and full of rewards we never imagined as well as those problems which had been pointed out to us with some care.  As a gift to our children we would like to depict some of those discoveries.  Charles has painted the pictures.  Bettie penned the words.  Usually the inscription on the painting is a translation of the English words, but sometimes the painting was inscribed before we decided it was right for this collaboration.

We would like to show that different spices can surprise and delight more often than compete because we know you wondered.

                       Charles and Bettie Chu

Painting by Charles Chu: Imperfection
Imperfection - 1989

Imperfection does not make me less beautiful.

Painting by Charles Chu: Praying Mantis
Praying Mantis -

Waiting can be a gift of free time or it can be misery. I decide.

Painting by Charles Chu: Morning Glory
Morning Glory - 1989

Every morning begins a day that is wholly fresh and unpredictable.

Painting by Charles Chu: Lotus
Lotus - 1989

Nourishment for me may be muck for others.

Painting by Charles Chu: Chickadee
Chickadee - 1989

You think my house is untidy.
I think it is just right.

Painting by Charles Chu: Spider Web
Spider Web - 1989

What is perfect for one of us may be a nuisance for another.

Painting by Charles Chu: Birches
Birches - 1989

Birdsong is everywhere,
but I see no bird.
Faith is the evidence.

Painting by Charles Chu: Thanking the Fish We Eat
Thanking the Fish We Eat - 1989

If I thank the fish I eat,
My spirit, as well as my body,
Will be nourished.

Painting by Charles Chu: In the White Mountains
In the White Mountains - 1989

The truth is very durable. Is it our perception that is fragile.

Painting by Charles Chu: Strawberries
Strawberries - 1989

I have lost the taste of many strawberries because I was absent when they were in my mouth.

Painting by Charles Chu: Purple Vetch
Purple Vetch - 1989

Many feet and wheels have passed, but few have noticed this beauty.

Painting by Charles Chu: Owl
Owl - 1989

To some the owl represents death.
To others, wisdom.
These imaginings do not concern the owl.

The aphorisms paintings are not for sale.  However, you can purchase beautiful reproductions of the Aphorisms with these note cards.

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