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Our Greeting Cards

  • Message inside -
    Charles Chu's
    calligraphy with
    English translation
  • Painting with
    calligraphy on
    front of card
  • Front calligraphy
    translated on
    back of card

Greeting Cards

Also Available

A wide selection of
Note Cards,
blank inside

Greeting Card Prices

  • $2.50 single card
  • $17.50 box of 10,
    all the same
  • Quantity discounts
Year of the Dragon greeting cards Year of the Dragon
Deep Snow greeting cards Deep Snow

Bring in the year of the Dragon with Charles Chu's 1999 tiger painting.  The message inside reads "Happy Year of the Dragon".

"Deep Snow" is perfect for special occasions, the picture evoking memories of walking in freshly fallen snow. The message inside reads, "Outside are cold mountains. Inside are warm hearts."

Holly greeting cards Holly
Mountain Laurel Greeting Cards Mountain Laurel

" Holly" brings the warmth and comfort of the winter holidays to mind. The message inside reads, "Season's Greetings."

"Love is in the air" is the message inside for Valentines Day, weddings, anniversaries, Mother's Day or birthdays.

Year of the Tiger greeting cards Year of the Tiger
Year of the Ox greeting cards Year of the Ox

Welcome the Year of the Tiger with Charles Chu's friendly 1998 tiger painting.  The message inside reads "Happy Year of the Tiger".

This painting by Chien-Fei Chiang depicts a happy scene with an ox in the springtime.  Our card celebrates the New Year with the message "Happy Year of the Ox".

Year of the Rat greeting cards Year of the Rat
Year of the Pig greeting cards Year of the Pig

The rat has a special appreciation for unexpected surprises.  Our card welcomes the New Year with the message "Delight in new discoveries in the Year of the Rat".

Here comes the pig! Finally the pig has arrived to bring in the new year. The message inside reads "Happy and prosperous Year of the Pig".

Year of the Dog greeting card Year of the Dog
Year of the Rooster greeting cards Year of the Rooster

"Year of the Dog" celebrates the Chinese New Year, 2006.  Message inside reads, "Bringing you happiness and prosperity in the Year of the Dog"

"Year of the Rooster" celebrates the Chinese New Year, 2005.  Message inside reads, "Roosters crow, wishing you a happy New Year."

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