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Painting by Charles Chu: Sunflower
Sunflower - 2003

Keep this sunflower to remember the light of summer.


Welcome to Little Frog Gallery

Charles Chu seal Charles Chu's paintings are fine art of exquisite and lyrical beauty, created by an artist who was beloved by a wide and warm circle of students and friends.  Each work makes a statement and tells a story that lasts through time, evoking the same sense of pleasure and peace years later as when initially viewed.

We invite you to visit our Little Frog Online Art Gallery, whether you are a longtime collector or a new adventurer into the rich world of Chinese art.  The wonder of discovery is present in each of these brush paintings - traditional yet fresh, and always gentle, graceful, and magical.

Many of Professor Charles Chu's students at Yale University and Connecticut College - where he taught for many years - watched him create these works of art upon the large round table where he frequently served another form of art - his delicious Chinese cooking.  At, it is possible to invite Professor Chu into your home to recreate the warmth he extended personally to friends and colleagues for so long, by purchasing an original painting or prints and cards. 

We hope you will enjoy the paintings in the Gallery as much as we have.  It is our pleasure to share them with you.

The Family of Charles Chu

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