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Submit your painting to the collection

So many of Charles Chu's paintings are not displayed on this site because they are not available to us - they are in homes and businesses all over the country, and possibly the world.  If you own a Charles Chu painting, would you to consider adding it to our collection?  Not the painting, of course, just a photograph of it.

If you would be willing to send us an image of your painting, we will add it to the web site, acknowledging your contribution.  We will also send you a reproduction of your choice from our store as a small thank-you.

To submit an image, carefully take a picture of the painting with a film or a digital camera.  Digital images should be at least 1000 pixels in size.  Film cameras almost always produce better resolution and more accurate color than digital cameras.

When taking the picture, take care to avoid glare from the glass.  If possible, remove the glass before photographing.  If not, take the picture in direct sunlight, making sure that the only thing reflected in the glass is a dark object (a dark screen or a building).  The goal is to have the sun shining directly on the painting, while avoiding reflections of sun and sky in the glass.  It is also important for the camera to be centered in front of the painting.

Once you have taken your picture, gather the following information:

  • Size of the painting - width x height - not including frame or mat
  • If it is a scroll, the size of the scroll - width x height
  • Location of the painting
  • Which product you would like us to send as a thank-you
  • Any comments you have which we can display with the image

Send the photo and the information to either:

Mail: Little Frog Gallery
35 Blinman Street
New London, CT 06320
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