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About Little Frog Gallery

The idea of showing Charles Chu's artwork and offering reproductions for sale has been around as long as friends and family have been gathering around the round table in the Chu dining room.  In the summer of 2002, with the help of Charles' son-in-law, Rob Scala, this idea started to take real form.  Rob started setting up a web site.  Family members gathered all of their Charles Chu paintings to be photographed.  We had many brainstorming sessions around the Chu dining room table.  And on November 3, 2002, came alive.

Little Frog Gallery is a virtual art gallery.  The paintings that appear on the web site are scattered all over the country and world.  The computers housing the site are located in the home of Rob Scala and Ellen Chu Scala in New London, CT.  Also in New London is the home of Charles and Bettie Chu, where Charles is still creating stunning Chinese brush paintings.  New paintings appear on the site every few weeks.

The web site was created by Rob Scala of Scala Systems, a software development consulting company.

Bettie, Charles, Ellen and Rob with Charlie and Lia

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