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Roosters and Chicks painting

Product: Roosters and Chicks painting

If there are chickens in the world there will be eggs.
To lay and brood eggs is natural.
Some chickens loudly announce their intention to lay eggs,
and cluck even more loudly after they have laid an egg.
Some loyal chickens lay eggs quietly.
The chicken coop is far from where the nobles live,
but the rich are grateful for their banquet.

I taught for nineteen years at Connecticut College.
I retire, but will not stop working.

Date: 1984
Type: Animals & birds
Id#: 1130
Size: 44.8 x 88.8 cm
      17.6 x 34.9 inches
Scroll size: 59.7 x 175.0 cm

Original painting by Charles Chu

This painting is mounted on a scroll measuring 23.5" x 69".

Price: $4100.00

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