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Lobsters and Martinis painting

Product: Lobsters and Martinis painting

Praise to the Fisherman.
Lobsters from the sea are served at the table.
Three hundred years ago they were not sold for money.
Some people used them as fertilizer.
Others threw them to prisoners as food.
Now lobsters are considered precious provisions.
How many of us know lobsters take twenty years
in the deep sea to grow to the size we eat with delight?
Let us raise our glasses to thank the happy fisherman.

Date: 1999
Type: Animals & birds
Id#: 1211
Size: 34.4 x 68.9 cm
      13.5 x 27.1 inches
Scroll size: 50.0 x 152.5 cm

Original painting by Charles Chu

This painting is mounted on a scroll measuring 20" x 60"

Price: $2400.00

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