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Dolly Painting

Product: Dolly Painting

Science has a new invention.
Dolly was born without the use of sperm.
Only DNA was used in the new birth.
Eggs can produce the little dragon without sperm.
Scientists can now select a superior subject to reproduce.
They can reproduce anything:
chickens, dogs, pigs and horses at will.
If Darwin's theory of "The survival of the fittest" stands,
will all weak and small things be extinguished?
So we can see that reproduction by machine will be unavoidable.
The cloning of humans will certainly be possible.
A woman can become pregnant without a man.
A man who wants to be cloned will need the help of a woman.
Will men and woman look alike?
Can we tell who is the father and who is the mother?
What a mess! What a mess!

April 21, 1992

Date: 1992
Type: Animals & birds
Id#: 1198
Size: 33.9 x 66.3 cm
      13.3 x 26.1 inches

Original painting by Charles Chu

The framed painting measures 20.5" x 34". It is mounted in a black wood frame, covered by UV-resistant glass.

Price: $3200.00

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